Epoxy Coated Canvas Wraps

$ 49.99

Brand Paint Addict Studios

Stretched ready to hang epoxy canvas prints on 408gram 18mil canvas and coated with epoxy.  Each canvas is printed and stretched as normal. After stretching the epoxy is applied and left to dry for 48 hours. The epoxy makes all the colors pop and gives a depth to the image that can not be done with any other product. Metal and acrylic just dont come close to the look of this epoxy over canvas. Please note this is a very delicate process and cannot be rushed. Turnaround times will vary and as of right now will be 7 to 10 day. Slower season this will be faster. If you don't see a size you want please contact us and we will add it as we can make almost any size you might need. For very large canvases CONTACT us to verify the size can be shipped. For more detail questions please feel free to call us at 612-501-9304. ( EPOXY IS NOT A PERFECT PROCESS IT WILL HAVE TINY BLEMISHES. THIS IS NORMAL FOR EPOXY. COMPARABLE TO A CAR PAINT FINISH. MOST CAN BE SEEN AT CERTAIN ANGLES. MUST BE OK WITH THIS TO ORDER.)