White Glove Service

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Brand Paint Addict Studios


Are you happy with Paint Addict Studios products and services? Do you often have a customer request for a customized project? And maybe those options are not listed on our website. If you answered yes to these questions, our new "White Glove" service may be for you.

Our white glove service will offer you options to tailor a project to your customers needs while working one-on-one with our team. Perhaps you are a painter....your customer loves
your painting and wants a print, but, they wish it were a slightly different color or would prefer a three panel piece. Our team will work one-on-one with you to give you and your
customer what they want. Maybe you're a photographer working with a couple on their wedding photos. The couple may want a special backing added to the back of their canvases or thicker stretcher bars not offered on our website.

Selected applicants of our white glove service will have access to customize their projects to include upgraded canvas, various stretcher bar options and paper options, and more!

You will have access to the best prints and canvases on the market today. No cost is spared in making these canvases. From the highest rated canvas, to the best coating, and stretcher bars. Also, options to stock and use your own favorite papers or other products. All orders are done based on the project and timeline and priced per project. As this can be very time consuming on our part, we will only be adding people as we have space.


*Must be a pro

*Must have a calibrated monitor with a Colormunki or Spyder. If not, must be will to get one.

*Must have Dropbox or Google Drive

Taking Applications now!

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