Art Resin Epoxy 1 Gallon Kit

$ 109.99

Brand Paint Addict Studios

You've seen it before: that thick, glossy topcoat that graces the surface of artwork, photos, wood and craft projects for that gorgeous modern look.  It's time to get that look for yourself.
And it's totally doable. ArtResin is certified non-toxic so it's not bad for your health like other resins. No VOCs. No fumes. No respirator needed. This is the only resin that contains HALS, an extremely efficient light stabilizer for superior clarity. ArtResin’s 1:1 mixing ratio is user-friendly and we offer a million easy how-to videos. Almost a million! Designed to be hard and durable. Plus, it looks so good! Clear. Glossy. Shiny. Thick. Durable. This is the resin I use for my own art and the only one I will ever use.